by Brent Godfrey

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Brent Godfrey returns with his third collection of original songs recorded and written with guest musicians from the internet music collaboration website, The revolving cast of musicians results in an ever changing musical palette of rock, blues, reggae and funk.

The first half of the album explores the dark side of jealousy, violence, death, lost souls, and despair. Redemption is found during the second half of the album with songs inspiring hope and revolution.

“Hurricane” is an electric slide guitar blues tribute to the late boxer, Reuben “Hurricane” Carter who was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. “Lady Life” is an acoustic blues song about the twin sisters, Life and Death, and choices every individual must make.

“Off the Beaten Track” is a cigar box guitar number about stray souls in the desert. It evokes the musical styles of Jim Morrison and Mark Lanegan.

“Cut My Heart Out” is a strange, experimental, spoken word piece about a nightmare I had one evening.

“Redemption” is a reggae song of hope that weaves portions of “Amazing Grace” through it’s lyrics.

“She Sang” was inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi and was written just before the sweeping reforms occurred in Myanmar.

“Shining Bright” is a classic rock song, optimistically trying to see that light shining bright at the end of the tunnel, despite the messed up state of the world, today.

“Why Did That Guy Beat You?” and “The Revolution (Ode to Gil Scott-Heron)” are both funk songs about civil disobedience. The last track being a rewrite of Gil Scott-Heron's classic, updated to reflect the world of today with its dumbing down of the populace through bad food, chemicals, and reality TV. There was some promise of positive change during the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. However, It's a long way from Gil Scott-Heron's 1960’s.



released January 8, 2016

Full track credits are shown under each song title.

CD cover design by Karen Godfrey



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Brent Godfrey Grand Rapids, Michigan

Brent Godfrey is a singer songwriter based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He has released 3 CDs of original material with the help of guest musicians.

His latest CD, "Redemption" was released in January of 2016.

A 4th is coming soon to be titled "Songlines", featuring his homebuilt canjos and cigar box guitars.

His previous CD's were entitled "Chasing the Dream" & "In the Moment".
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Track Name: Suspicion
What do you do when you’re not with me
Where do you go who do you see
I love you but do you love me
What do you do when you’re not with me
I have my suspicion. I have my suspicion
I’m filled with suspicion. I have my suspicion

I had a dream late last night
Or maybe it was second sight
I never thought you’d be untrue
Well, I finally saw right through you

Are you seeing one of my friends
Just how long has it been
Since you told me the truth dear
And not the lies I wanted to hear.
I’m filled with Suspicion

Well you seduced me with your smile
Every look from you beguiles
Girl there’s a shadow on your soul
Who you are I’ll never know
Track Name: Hurricane
They say the night is darker
Just before the dawn
When you’re lost in a prison cell
Knowing you’ve done nothing wrong
Spend half my time in solitary
But my will remains strong

I don’t claim to be a good man
I’ve known violence from an early age
Beaten by my father
Who cried real tears as he prayed
But I did not kill no one
Despite what the Police claim

Got so many troubles
Take more than a hurricane blow them away
Got so many troubles
Take more than a hurricane blow them away
Sentenced to life in prison
Won’t stop fighting till the end of my days

I refuse to act guilty
Resistance is my last defense
Don’t speak to my guards
Or acknowledge their existence
Racism not reason
Fear put me here
Not common sense
Track Name: Lady Life
Lady Death you bring so much sorrow
Lady Death you bring so much pain
Lady Death you bring so much freedom
Lady Death when will you visit me?

Not gonna take my life for granted until it is too late
Gonna change my ways tomorrow. I’m not going to wait

Lady Life so full of strife
Lady Life why are you so elusive?
Lady Life I long for your touch
Lady Life you’ll be no man’s wife

Lady Life Lady Death which shall it be?
Two sisters of such great beauty
Lady Life Lady Death no immortality
Each of you shall share my bed in hospitality

Lady Life Lady Death
Two branches of a path
Lady Life Lady Death
The choice won’t be my last
Track Name: Off The Beaten Path
You can’t look back. You can’t look back

Off the beaten path
You might forget your name on the dusty plain
And all that came before you walked out of the door
I feel so small I feel so small
The dust devil’s swirl through the dry creek beds 
Ghosts of the People wandering not realizing they are dead
Under the sky so blue What am I to do
You can’t look back. You can’t look back 
Off the beaten path
The ravens circle high up in the Western sky 
As far as the eye can see. Do you believe in me?
I feel so blue Without you
You can’t look back. You can’t look back 
Off the beaten path
We’re rollin’ down the road. The whole world is our home.
From dawn to dusk. Just diesel and dust.
I feel so small I feel so small
You can’t look back. You can’t look back 
Off the beaten path
I feel so blue Without you. Without you. Without you.
Track Name: Haunted Traveler
His roots were his steps

His place a ticket
Eyes pressed to a window

Fleeting faces
New shores

The haunted traveler wanders in a circle

Traversing internal and outer worlds

Real or imagined through space and time Wandering along a strange strange road

Without benefit of home 

A continual stranger always alone

Another week passes

Fly buzzes by his ear Nothing much happens
And of Course it never will
A green bottle washes up

Wave borne memoir 

Speaking of romances

Forgotten or ignored

Forgotten or ignored
Track Name: Cut My Heart Out
I cut my heart out last night
Self taught from a book
Deadened my chest with a local anesthetic
Cut my heart out last night

My heart was broken you see
Nothing a doctor could detect
It was useless to me
I cut my heart out last night

When I finished
It had stopped beating
Cold to the touch

I looked into my heart
Inside was a small head
The face looked like mine
It had no hair but it had teeth
An image of the murderer

I deposited my heart at the organ bank
Went back the next day to look at the face
All that was left was machinery parts
No trace of my heart

I feel no different
But can’t be the same
I cut my heart out last night
It wasn’t a dream

How can I live without a heart
How does the blood flow through my veins
I forgot to sew up the arteries I cut
Why am I not bleeding to death
From this self inflicted surgery

Maybe my heart was a tumor
Am I a living, thinking mass of cancer cells
How else could I be living
I better go see a doctor and tell him

I cut my heart out last night
I wish I had it back
Track Name: Redemption
I was lost but now I’m found
This is Holy Ground
The Music heals lift your voice and sing
After Winter comes the Spring

I was lost but now I see
The way out in front of me

I was blind but now I see
Desire causes suffering
Lose attachment
Let It go
Wander down that Freedom Road

Everything is All and All is One

All the Light we cannot see
The Truth bright shining like the sun
Many paths lead to the mountain’s top
Though the peak is only One

Every lock has it’s key
A mystery to be solved
A life of joy a life of peace
all absolved

In Zion we’ll walk hand in hand
Our hearts no longer taught to fear
No more suffering No more tears
The Truth revealed to everyone
Track Name: Open Up
In 1961 they put up a wall to protect the people’s socialist dreams
For 28 years they were forbidden to leave Dividing Germany
200 died trying to cross the iron curtain
And the people cheered when it fell you can be certain

Tear down the wall we’re one human race
Tear down the wall wipe the frown off your face
Tear down the wall there’s only one sky
Tear down the wall freedom for you and I

Open up open up your heart
Open up open up your eyes
Do you feel protected or is it just a lie

In 2002 they began the wall to foil the bomber’s schemes
`Separation barrier or apartheid wall, Israeli or Palestine
Annexing land, dividing farms, separating families
Fences make bad neighbors and I wonder if there ever can be peace

In 2006 they started a wall to protect the people’s democracy
The secure fence act part of the Patriot Act to keep us safe and free
5000 dead crossing the Mexican border and still more pour across
Blocking wildlife routes and dividing tribes and still the costs mount

Do you feel protected or is it just a lie
Track Name: She Sang
She sang a song of hope she sang a song of pain
And though they tried to silence her she could not be tamed

No matter how tall the mountain
It can’t block out the sun
Truth is what we remember
Truth is what we act upon

They threw her in a cell and tried to bend her to their will
She kept right on singing and refused to be stilled

She sang a song of freedom though she was locked within a cage
And her people heard who had been enslaved

Even though they have been blinded and enslaved for so very long
One day the people will rise up in answer to her song.
Track Name: Shining Bright
Life is hard sometimes
But we can get through it
Just need to stick to it
I can see a light shining bright
At the end of the tunnel

Unemployment welfare lines
People scared a sign of the times
People living out on the street
Searching for food and a place to sleep
Not much separating them from us
Only a streak of real bad luck
Sometimes you need some help
To make it through another day.

Out on patrol in the heat of the sun
Will this war ever be won
Friends are dying every day
What will happen when we go away
Did we make a difference I know we tried
Pain suffering and tears so many we’ve cried
Oh, give me strength
To make it through another day.

Politicians promising change
Lies and more lies nothing changes
Doesn’t matter what party wins
Divided we fall again and again
Special interests’ money rules
Do they think we are their fools
No matter what party wins
We will survive
We will survive
Track Name: Why Did That Guy Beat You?
Why did that guy beat you with his fist
Were you really trying to resist
You had gathered peacefully in the street
Daring to stand up for your beliefs
Guess he didn’t like what you had to say
Everyone will get their judgement day

Are you one of the 99 percent
In this season of discontent
Are you ready to rise up and take a stand?

Why did that guy beat you with his gun
You were smiling eyes full of love
Saw the flowers woven in your hair
Waving a peace sign up in the air
All you wanted was to end the war
Threatened his values to their core
Why did that guy beat you
Why did that guy beat you

Are you ripe for revolution
On the cusp of evolution
Stand up for a new solution

It is the start of Spring
Wonder what the future will bring
Rise up and lift your voice to sing

Why did that guy beat you with his club
Your beautiful face was streaked with blood
Pulled you by your hair into the street
You had courage would not admit defeat
Why did that guy beat you
Why did that guy beat you
Track Name: The Revolution (Ode to Gil Scott-Heron)
Don’t expect to stay home, brother
Hypnotized by your wide screen HD TV
Guzzling Bud Lite Beer and munching Cheez-Its
Not if you want real change.
Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will be tweeted and YouTubed
Weaponized information down to the individual level
Brought to you by every man who has not been brain washed
Brought to you by every man who has risen up off the couch.
Truth or propaganda who is to say
When we are all Khaled Said
We have found other ways to get our message out because

The revolution will not be televised.
Stations that have been broadcasting thru the German occupation
Will be shut down in the name of austerity measures
But we know the real reason, brother
It is fortunate for the leaders when men do not think.
Feed them high fructose corn syrup, supersize them,
and keep them on the couch watching reality tv
The revolution will not be televised

Give us your unhealthy and frightened.
Give us your confused and sedated
Dumbed down with medications, pesticides, fluoride and aspartame
Living their lives though celebrity gossip and reality shows
We do not have to worry about them taking to the streets.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will be tweeted and YouTubed
Amateur clips via cell phone posted on Facebook.
I am Neda, shot through the heart by government sharp shooters
The Mouse versus Goliath.
Self immolation, sacrificial songs for freedom
Guns, truncheons, instruments of repression.
The revolution will not be televised.
Death will be live.

Who is to say what is the Real World in the quest for hearts and minds
Bachelorettes and Bachelors, may be the Biggest Losers
Music videos have been replaced on the Jersey Shore
We have become obsessed with the lives of others
And ignore the real issues that plague us
The revolution will not be televised

The brave new world is drawing closer and closer.
Enslaved by technology, consumer’s delight
Not able to spell, not able to write. Not able to add or even tell time.
So dependent on our little hand held device.
What happens when it goes away? Destroyed by an EMP strike
No more texting, no more tweeting. Hey What’s Up?
The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will be tweeted and YouTubed.
Or maybe not. The revolution will not be right back
After the commercial break if the powers to be have their say.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
And the revolution soon turns into repressions.
In the end it’s always about power.
And your comrades are purged and sent to the gulag.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
will not be televised, will not be televised.
The revolution may be a re-run brothers;
Or it may be live.
Who is to know these days